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Organic Coffee Improves The Environment

Organic Coffee Farming

Rogers’ Shade Grown & Organic Coffee Helps Protect the Environment

All of the coffee we buy and roast is 100% Arabica coffee grown on bio-diverse farms under a canopy of rain forest-preserving shade trees at an elevation over 3000 feet, and a very large percentage of that is grown on certified organic farms.  Shade grown and organic farming methods make for healthier soil, prevent water contamination, and provide habitat for dozens of species of migratory birds.  They also make for an excellent cup of coffee.

Clear cut "full sun" coffee farm

Clear Cut “Full-Sun” Coffee Farm

We never buy coffee from farms that have slashed and burned to allow for full-sun penetration.  This makes for higher coffee yields, but badly damages the sensitive ecosystems of the tropical highland rainforests where coffee is grown.  Shade grown coffee grown on bio-diverse farms, on the other hand, creates a more complex, high quality cup of coffee and maintains sensitive ecosystems.

Rogers Family Company

Formal Certification Versus Environmental Reality

We want to stress that our green coffee purchasing approach is to source the highest quality coffee we can find while providing direction for and encouragement of sustainable coffee farming methods.  Whether a partner farm is formally certified organic, shade grown, or fair trade certified, what matters most to us is the ecological reality of the farm, its commitment to environmental stewardship, and the way it treats its workers from the surrounding communities.

Ecological Assessment Nicaragua

Ecological Assessment Nicaragua

Ecological Audits

To provide transparency of claims, we make sure that our coffees are responsibly grown with respect to the environment.  Daniel Cooper of Cooper Ecological Monitoring, Inc., is surveying specific conditions on our partner farms such as presence of forest-dependent animals, including migratory birds that winter in the neo-tropical forests in Mexico and Central America.

Ecological Assessment Mexico

Ecological Assessment Mexico

What we think is interesting, for instance, is that some of our farms where the owners have not yet gone through the process to become shade grown certified (for instance, Finca La Victoria), may support as many forest-dependent bird species as formally certified (Finca Irlanda).  We will continue to investigate these patterns at all the farms that supply us with coffee.  If you care about coffee issues such as shade grown, bird-friendly, organic, and fair trade, please take the time to read through the Sustainability Audits by Cooper Ecological Monitoring on our main company website. You’ll find the reality of coffee “politics” is often quite different and more complex than you might have thought.

Organic Coffee Certification Seals

Organic Coffee Certification Seals

Organic Certification

The coffee we buy and grow (on our very own 100% organic farms) goes into our Organic Coffee Co. brand.  Here are the certificates you’ll find on those bags.

USDA Organic:  the U.S. Department of Agriculture, organic certificate is proof that the product was produced using organic production and handling standards, and that the product is at least 95 percent organic.  Our Organic Coffee Company brand and our San Francisco Bay Rainforest Blend 3-lb. bag are 100% organic coffee.

OCIA Organic:  the USDA Organic certificate is allowed based on registration with an Organic certification 3rd party.  We use OCIA as our certifying 3rd party.

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