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New: Organic Coffee Company Rare Find Panthera Blend!

OCC Rare Find Panthera Blend

OCC Rare Find Panthera Blend

California-based Rogers Family Company has launched a new organic 'Fairly Traded' coffee - Rare Find - to help the wild cat conservation organization, Panthera.

This new coffee blend is available online in 12-oz. and 2-lb. whole bean bags for $11.99 and $22.99, respectively.

The company will donate 20% of Rare Find online sales and 10% of wholesale/distributor sales to support Panthera's jaguar conservation initiatives. Try some Rare Find Panthera Blend today!

Rare Find is a custom blend of shade-grown, organic beans from the highlands of Mexico in Chiapas and the Concordia area of Colombia.

The Rogers Family practices shade-grown coffee farming, which protects the natural rainforest canopy above the coffee trees, native plants and wildlife and produces a high quality cup of coffee without harmful chemicals.

The Rogers Family divisions and brands include the Organic Coffee Company and San Francisco Bay Premium Gourmet Coffee.


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