Rogers Family Company

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Rogers Family Company

Rogers Family Company

Jon and Barbara’s four children play an integral role in the ongoing success of the business. Jim, John, and Pete Rogers, along with sister, Lisa Smoot and daughters-in-law Suzanne and Kirsten Rogers, not only have extensive knowledge of the coffee and tea business, they each embrace the company’s “no compromise” philosophy with unbounded enthusiasm, as anyone who meets them will attest.


Back in 1979, our President, Jon B. Rogers, a New Yorker and Revlon marketing executive, knew a much better coffee product could be found.

So, after moving their four children out to the San Francisco Bay Area, Jon and his wife Barbara decided to use their years of business experience and a risky second mortgage to found JBR Gourmet Foods (now known as the Rogers Family Company).

With that, their first brand, San Francisco Bay Coffee, was born. Their steadfast mission was to search out the world’s finest Arabica varieties and roast the richest, most flavorful coffees available anywhere.


Today, the company is one of the nation’s few remaining family-owned, gourmet coffee roasters. And is one of the few coffee roasters in the nation with a deep dedication to minimizing, and where possible, eliminating our corporate environmental footprint.

With organic coffee farms, 97% biodegradable single serve OneCups, and conversion of our entire 500,000 sq. ft. facility to solar power, Rogers Family Company is leading the coffee industry in "going green".

Our brands include San Francisco Bay Coffee, The Organic Coffee Co. (the nation’s top seller of 100% organically grown coffee), Fairwinds Coffee, Pleasant Hill Farms, East India Tea, Black Mountain Gold, and Cafe Jerusalem. All together, the Rogers Family Company supplies millions of pounds of coffee and tea each year to discriminating customers worldwide including Costco stores throughout the Western United States.

It's a family business.

The Rogers Family