Ferret in Organic Coffee Company Tube Top

Dress Up Your Pet Day - Vote For Your Favorite

Today is Dress Up Your Pet Day, and these five animals are wearing the newest in Rogers Family Company Gear (special note: only one of these products exist). 

Scroll to the bottom to cast a vote for your favorite.  We might even consider making these someday.

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1) Emily the Cat is streamline in her San Francisco Bay tank top.  "Looking good, kitty!"

Emily the lounging cat

2) Matthew the English Bulldog is strutting his stuff while wearing his Rogers Family Company hat.  "Rock it, Matthew!" (This hat is real, pick it up here: http://www.gourmet-coffee.com/rfc-brown-hat.html.)

Matthew the English Bulldog

3) Chris the Ferret wiggles along with ease in his "tube top".

Chris the Ferret

4) Norma the Calico is sparkly loveliness with her Rogers Family Company bedazzled hoodie.

Calico cat hoodie

5) Bob the Boxer is nice and warm in his Black Mountain Gold sweater.  Snuggletaffic!

Bob the Boxer

Don't forget to vote for your favorite.


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